Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pasadena Colorado Street Bridge Arroyo Seco Painting - by California impressionist Karen Winters

Arroyo Panorama
12 x 24 inches
oil on canvas

Last week I had the pleasure of painting this panorama of the Arroyo Seco from a vantage point high above the canyon. I wanted the late afternoon look, so I had to work fast. As it turned out, I left the painting of the sky and foreground for later, concentrating on the trees, grasses, mountains and architecture as the sun relentlessly continued its course. It's an interesting time of year. Not all of the deciduous trees have leaves yet - but the grass is thick and abundant, and bright yellow green. In a few months the vivid green will turn straw brown and there will be a solid canopy of leafy trees below. Every season brings its own beauties to enjoy. I'm guessing that I could look at a plein air painting of an early California impressionist and pretty well guess the month it was painted if I knew the location.

My husband shot a little bit of video as I painted, which I've included here:

I've spoken to several people recently about painting the view from a favorite spot of theirs - their back yard, a favorite camping spot, and other locations. I am happy to do plein air paintings on commission and welcome your inquiry. Write

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